Welcome to Mimy Designs

mimy bio 2Hand Crafted Furniture made in Portland, OR

All hand crafted furniture from Mimy Designs begins with the selection of wood from local business around the Portland, OR area.
As a hybrid woodworker, I mainly rely on big machines for milling and other machining technic, while hand tools are used to refine the pieces and to give the attention details. I always strive for the highest quality for every piece I build, which starts with the durability of the furniture. To ensure this quality control, all of my joints are made with mortise and tenon, spline or dovetail joints or other traditional joinery technic.
And finally, unlike with assembly line furniture makers, your next piece from Mimy Designs would be designed, selected, finished and delivered by myself, ensuring the highest quality and details to make it last for your family to enjoy.

A native of Madagascar, Mimy is a jazz musician who found his calling as a woodworker when he trained under master craftsmen at Berkeley Mills in Berkeley, California.
He now designs and builds furniture in his Portland, Oregon workshop.
Mimy’s modern furniture and cabinets are built with a combination of solid wood and high-grade veneered plywood, sourced from local businesses.

“I want to make beautiful furniture accessible to average people.”


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